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Age Inclusive Workplace

Age Scotland supports and enables employers to build age-inclusive workplaces.

Scotland's workplace demographics are changing. With several generations now working together, it's vital that age inclusion becomes a priority for organisations.

Ageism is an issue in the workplace.

Ageism is any form of negative or positive discrimination, stereotype or bias relating to age.  Ageism functions at individual and organisational levels and remains a barrier to attaining and retaining work. 

With more generations working together than ever before, ageism is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Ageism in the workplace in Scotland


Ageism in the workplace - the big picture

Watch our short research-based video for an overview of the impact of ageism in the workplace in Scotland and how it affects employees of all ages.

How is Age Scotland driving change?

We have worked with over 13,000 individuals across over 200 organisations and are experts in helping organisations become more age-inclusive

We are passionate about tackling ageism in the workplace and ensuring that employees of all ages feel respected, valued and able to fulfil their aspirations and potential. 

We support organisations in building age-inclusive workplaces in a number of ways.

Why should age inclusion be a priority for your organisation?

Workforce demographics are changing. For the first time in history, there are five generations working together. 

A third of our workforce in Scotland is now over 50 and there are twice as many people aged 65 years and over in employment today compared to 10 years ago.  This number is set to rise as changes to retirement and state pensions make working beyond 65 more common. 

The Scottish Government’s Fair Work Convention (2015) has a vision that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world-leading working life where fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society.  The Scottish Government has also identified workers over 50 as being disadvantaged in the labour market. Ageism is a key factor in this.

Age-inclusion ensures fair work and workplace equality. 

Age Scotland defines an age-inclusive workplace as one where employees of all ages feel respected, valued and are able to fulfil their aspirations and potential.

Age is a protected characteristic under the UK Equality Act, 2010.  However, to date, age has received less focus in comparison to other protected characteristics.

It is recognised that greater age diversity at work provides organisations with productivity and equality opportunities to harness varied experience and skills from the whole of their workforce.

Research shows that 83% of organisations say that a multigenerational workforce is key to business growth but 53% don't include age in their Diversity & Inclusion agenda and policy.

Find out how we are supporting organisations to become more age-inclusive through our workshops, fully-funded consultancy and employers' network or email for further information.

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