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How to create Age Inclusive Workplaces

How to Create Age Inclusive Workplaces

Scotland’s workforce is ageing dramatically: in the past 20 years the number of people aged 45-64 has increased by 26% whilst the number of people aged 25-44 has fallen by 8%. Older workers are increasingly important to the Scottish economy, yet employers have been slow to recognise this demographic reality. Unless businesses take action to recruit, retain and re-train older workers, they are likely to experience skills shortages, increased employee turnover and loss of corporate knowledge.

Older workers bring some great advantages- they are skilled, resilient and have a wealth of lived experience. They may also face challenges to staying in work, such as caring responsibilities, health issues, and a lack of opportunities to work flexibly. Given the increasing importance of older workers to Scottish employers, there is a clear business case for the creation of policies and strategies designed to support older employees.

Time to Act Conference, 26th August 2018, University of Edinburgh Business School

At the Time to Act conference, a series of speakers explained the importance of age inclusive workplaces to the future of the Scottish economy and some gave insights into the action they have taken in their own businesses.

Age Scotland launched our Age Inclusive Matrix programme which is designed to deliver lasting cultural change in Scottish employers. We’re currently piloting the Matrix with Sodexo, Newsprinters, Dover Fuels and TAQA.

Find out more about the Age Inclusive Matrix

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