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Our workshops enable employers to be age-inclusive

From unconscious bias to pre-retirement planning and dementia, our workshops allow organisations to accelerate age inclusion within their Diversity and Inclusion programmes.

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With four generations now working together, age inclusion is a priority for employers who want to create a fair workplace where all individuals, regardless of age, can fulfil their potential and aspirations. 

Research shows that organisations report that a multigenerational workforce is key to business growth but only half include age in their Diversity & Inclusion agenda.

Our age-inclusive workplace workshops cover all aspects of age in the workplace.  They support and enable organisations to be as age-inclusive as possible and ensure that age is given the focus it requires within D&I programmes.

To date, we have worked with over 7,000 individuals and over 200 organisations.  Our virtual and face-to-face workshops are delivered by experts in the various fields and are based on the latest research and good practice.  They are engaging and interactive and are recommended by 99% of those who attend.  Find out more about each of our workshops below.

Creating an age-inclusive workplace 

Age Inclusion for People Managers and Key Influencers

Our Age Inclusion workshops enable managers to understand ageism in the workplace and the steps they can take to be more age-inclusive and get the best from their age-diverse teams. The workshop includes real-life examples and research as well as interactive activities and opportunities for thought-provoking and engaging discussion.

Unconscious Bias

Our Unconscious Bias workshop addresses age-related biases alongside other protected characteristics such as race, gender and sexual orientation. Through the use of immersive digital media, this workshop enables attendees to focus on their own personal unconscious biases and reflect on how these impact other people.

Supporting your workers to prepare for later life

Planning For Your Future

Planning For Your Future sessions help employees over the age of 50 to plan for later life and future retirement. With access to experts in money matters, tax, legal issues and health & wellbeing, this workshop is recommended by 99% of attendees. Employees who have the opportunity to prepare for life after work are more likely to discuss their retirement plans with their employers which can help organisations with resource and succession planning.

Health and wellbeing: building healthy habits

Getting ready for a long, healthy later life starts with building better habits whilst still at work. This interactive workshop boosts employees’ awareness of what they can do to influence their wellbeing, now, and into later life. We introduce a holistic approach to healthy active ageing and demonstrate practical techniques for building self-care into busy lives.

Functional Fitness MOT

Health and wellbeing at work is critical in ensuring that employees can stay fit and are able to work for as long as they want or need to. The Functional Fitness MOT is a series of physical function tests that look at areas such as balance, strength and flexibility and give staff the opportunity to understand any issues and discuss changes to benefit them in their jobs now and in later life.

Dementia support for your employees and customers

Dementia Awareness

Our CPD accredited Dementia Awareness workshop will enable organisations to support their employees who may be living with early stage dementia, to support their employees who are unpaid carers for someone with dementia and to support their employees to better serve customers affected by dementia.

Dementia Inclusive Customer Services

As the number of people living with dementia increases, organisations will see an increase in customers who are affected by dementia, either directly or as a carer. This workshop gives frontline staff a better understanding of the issues faced by those living with dementia, enabling them to communicate with and help customers in a dementia-inclusive way.

Dementia Virtual Reality Experience

Our virtual reality (VR) dementia experience workshop gives participants the chance to gain empathy and understanding of the daily challenges people living with dementia can experience through the power of shared VR. By immersing participants in virtual environments, it demonstrates how more considered design choices can provide a better quality of life for those living with dementia.

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