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Age Inclusion workshop

Creating age-inclusive workplaces

We can help organisations to foster a positive working culture in which staff of all ages feel supported to achieve their potential.

Age Scotland works with organisations that want to become more age-inclusive. One key step on that journey is to provide line managers with the knowledge they need to become more age-inclusive leaders. 

Our 2.5 hour virtual ‘Age Inclusion For People Managers and Key Influencers’ workshop explores ageism in the workplace and the importance of ensuring that employees of all ages are respected, valued and able to reach their full potential.   By the end of the workshop, attendees are able to:

  • Describe what is meant by an ‘age inclusive workplace’
  • Explain what it means to say that ‘age is a protected characteristic’ under UK law and the forms that age discrimination can take
  • Understand the existence of biases and myths about age in the workplace and the need to address them
  • Start thinking about their own role in making their organisation more age-inclusive.

Read and download workshop brochure 

What do employers and employees think?

Excellent workshop.  It made me think about my own behaviour around age. I think we may all be guilty of age discrimination without realising it.

This was a well-presented workshop with opportunities for discussion and lots of insightful moments. 


For further information please contact Jonathan Park on 07808 024 807 or by emailing

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