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Unconscious Bias

By experiencing bias, including our own, we can create a motive for change.

Unconscious Bias training can be an important part of an organisation's diversity and inclusion programme but to create a cultural shift in behaviours there is a need for people to have a motive to change. Our workshop helps create that motive through the use of thought-provoking digital media.

Age Scotland's Unconscious Bias workshop uses digital media that has been specifically created to immerse participants into workplace situations.  It allows them to experience their own personal bias as well as how it feels to be on the receiving end of other people’s biases.  This in turn creates a greater awareness of the effect of unconscious bias and a motive for change.

The workshop is one of the first of its type that includes age-related biases, which are often missed, alongside other protected characteristics.

You can find out more about the digital element and the aims and outcomes of the workshop below.

What makes our workshop unique?

Watch our short clip to hear how the digital content in our workshop immerses particpants and helps them to become more aware of unconscious bias.

The workshop aims to raise your awareness of unconscious bias and how it can affect interactions with colleagues and customers as well as decisions regarding recruitment, selection, motivation and your behaviour towards team members.

We will focus on your own personal awareness of biases and how that will contribute to creating a safer, happier and more inclusive culture.

The workshop uses four specially filmed video scenarios to highlight different workplace situations which may stimulate unconscious bias. 

When booking the workshop, you can choose two which best suit your organisation's needs.  We can provide further information at the time of booking.

Are you aware of your own unconscious bias?

By watching our short 2 minute video, you can get a feel for how our workshop uses immersive digital media to encourage participants to explore their own biases and how it might feel to be on the receiving end of these.

Workshop content 

The workshop is confidential and relaxed and participants will be encouraged to be honest and open.

It covers the 2010 Equality Act protected characteristics and reviews how stereotyping, labelling and ethnocentrism impacts our biases and behaviours.

This workshop is designed for people managers of all management levels and lasts 2 hours 15 minutes.  It is also suitable for employees who are not managers so do please get in touch to discuss requirements.

Workshop outcome

By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of:

  • What unconscious bias is (and isn’t).
  • The implications of unconscious bias in the workplace.
  • How to recognise your own natural biases and manage them effectively.
  • How to apply Unconscious Bias awareness to everyday workplace situations.

Based on feedback collected from participants across 13 organisations which have taken part in the Unconscious Bias workshop pilot, 99% would recommend this session to a colleague.

Read and download our Unconscious Bias information sheet 

What do employers and participants think?

This was an excellent workshop. We covered a huge amount of ground for a short session but it was very well structured. I thought the use of polls and quizzes was a good way of keeping us engaged and the video material was well-conceived and effective. Robin delivered the course really well. He used a great balance of personal experience and theoretical material.

Unconscious Bias workshop participant

I will now think carefully about my own biases and how they may affect my team, my attitudes to recruitment and partnership working and any other aspects of my work.

Unconscious Bias workshop participant

Meet the Unconscious Bias trainer

Our workshop is delivered by equalities expert, Robin Iffla MBE, DL . Robin is a retired police officer who has also been an equalities advisor to the local Fire and Rescue Service and then a founder board member of the new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Robin is a director and lead trainer of an equality and diversity company. He is also deputy lieutenant for Stirling and Falkirk and was awarded an MBE for his work on equalities and community cohesion in 2016.

For further information or to book this workshop, please contact Jonathan Park on 07808 024 807 or by emailing

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