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About Unforgotten Forces

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For individual support requests 

Visit the Unforgotten Forces referrals page.

For all other enquiries

Phone: 0333 323 2400

The Unforgotten Forces team are:

  • Frank Gribben: Partnership coordinator
  • Karina Vidler: Administrator
  • Doug Anthoney: Unforgotten Forces magazine editor and trainer

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Unforgotten Forces partners
The Unforgotten Forces approach

Unforgotten Forces partners are committed to providing older veterans with high quality and joined-up support.  Where one partner believes that a veteran it is supporting could also benefit from services provided by one or more other partners it can, with the veterans’ permission, make a cross-referral.  He or she will then be contact by a partner charity, or charities, that already know their story, so there is no need for the veteran to explain their situation over again.

Make a referral to Unforgotten Forces

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The Unforgotten Forces story

Unforgotten Forces was established in 2017 with a three- year grant of £4 million from the HM Treasury through the Aged Veterans Fund.  This made possible a range of new services, and enhancements to existing services, to better meet the heath and wellbeing needs of veterans in Scotland age 65 and older. 

Design of the Unforgotten Forces portfolio was informed findings of the 2014 Poppyscotland study of Health and welfare of the ex-Service community in Scotland. 

Download the Poppyscotland 2014 Household Survey report here

In this initial funding period Unforgotten Forces provided more than 13,000 episodes of support.  Many older veterans received support from more than one partner, with in some cases life-changing results.

Download the 2020 Unforgotten Forces impact report here

Under the leadership and co-ordination of Poppyscotland mechanisms were put in place, and a culture fostered, of knowledge and good practice sharing, and of joint working.  This is core to the partnership: not every partner receives Unforgotten Forces funding, but all benefit from increased collaboration.

One example of the collaborative approach is the Unforgotten Forces policy round table group, which concluded its work in early 2020.

Download the 2020 Unforgotten Forces Policy Round table group impact report

On 1st October 2020 the Scottish Government replaced the Aged Veterans Fund (latterly known as the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust) as funder of the Unforgotten Forces partnership.  The role of lead and co-ordinating partner was transferred from Poppyscotland to Age Scotland.  

Read the news release announcing the new phase of Unforgotten Forces

In early 2023 the Scottish Government agreed a further 3 years funding for Unforgotten Forces, securing the future of the partnership from April 2023 to March 2026.

Read the news release announcing the 2023 funding award


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Unforgotten Forces library

Unforgotten Forces library

In this library you will find Unforgotten Forces magazine and other partnership publications.

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