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An older woman laughing dancing at an Age UK Christmas party.

As a vibrant charity and social enterprise, Age UK raises money through fundraising and our trading activities.

Age UK’s income in 2014/15 was £174.6 million, up £7.5 million on 2013/14.

Fundraising makes up almost one third of our total gross income but is our largest source of net income, as we strive to keep costs low and make every penny count.

Our social enterprise income made up nearly two thirds of our total gross income and just over one third of Age UK’s net income. Without this contribution we would have been unable to spend so much on our charitable activity.

Our work today

In 2014–15 our total incoming resources were £174.6 million. Age UK’s main income streams are:

  • voluntary £55.4m (£48.8m net / £6.6m costs)
  • retail £44.8m (£5.8m net / £39.0m costs)
  • insurance and other income £39.9m (£18.8m net/ £21.1m costs)
  • other trading income £25.4m (£7.6m net / £17.8 costs)
  • income from charitable activities £7.8m

How we helped people in later life

This year we spent £84.0 million on charitable activities this year, up £5.7 million on 2013/14. This is categorised under our 5 ambitions - driven by the priorities that people in later life tell us matter to them:

  1. Your money £11.8m
  2. Your wellbeing £18.4m
  3. Your health and care £16.0m
  4. Your home £10.0m
  5. Your community £27.8m

Our £84.0 million spending on charitable activity was much more than our fundraising income of £55.4 million and was made possible because of the contribution of Age UK's social enterprise.

More about our income sources


The generosity of our supporters is vital to our survival - donations and gifts are our single greatest source of income.
- More information on how to make a donation


A donation left to Age UK in your will could make a real difference to people in later life. You can choose whether to donate to our international, national, regional or local work.
- Find out more about leaving a legacy


Events and sponsorship are valuable sources of income. Money is raised through a variety of events including dances, local walks and runs, overseas treks and cycle challenges.
- All about our events and sponsorship

Trusts and Foundations

We would like to thank the trusts and foundations who have generously donated to Age UK, to help older people lead more fulfilling lives.
-Find out about some of our high-value donors


We have around 450 outlets throughout the UK, selling new and donated goods.
- More information about our Shops


We offer a range of products and services tailormade for people in later life. The surplus net profits we raise through trading are gift aided and donated to Age UK.
- More information about our products and services
-Why Age UK sells products

If you'd like more information about our work, download our Annual Review. Alternatively, you can download and read Age UK’s full reports of Trustees and Annual Accounts for 2014/15.

Annual Review: Our Big Moments 2014/15 (PDF 1 MB)

Report of Trustees and Annual Accounts 2014/15 (PDF 3 MB)

My daughter’s always looked after me - since my wife died about 10 years ago, she’s been wonderful and taken care of me

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174