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About Age Cymru Sir Gâr

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Age Cymru Sir Gâr helped over 4,000 people access services in Carmarthenshire in 2013.

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Age Cymru Sir Gar Volunteer Christmas Lunch

The Volunteers Christmas lunch at the Smith’s Arms, Foelgastell was a big success. We had over 30 volunteers attend and all enjoyed a traditional two course Christmas Dinner. It was a good opportunity for the volunteers to meet and chat and find out more about each other’s roles. Whilst not an official volunteer development training day e.g. the recent First Aid Training, this event forms part of the annual volunteer programme, and in some ways is as important as the formal training days, as it gives the volunteers a chance to mix and get together with volunteers who work with Age Cymru Sir Gar, who work in different roles, and who all play an important part across the organisation.

Ann Dymock thanked all the volunteers for their hard work during the year and thanked the Smith’s Arms, Foelgastell for the fantastic service and food they supplied on the day.