Falls prevention

Exercising and falls prevention.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that falls are a part of ageing- something that ‘just happens’ as you get older. There are lots of simple things that you can do to help you stay steady on your feet.

Our Staying steady guide has information for everyone, whether you’re fit and active, have difficulty walking and getting around, or are worried about falling.

Balance exercises

Preventing falls

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to maintain independence and ensure we stay steady on our feet and reduce balance problems. Anything that challenges our balance and improves muscle strength, particularly in our legs, can help to reduce falls. Walking, gardening, Tai Chi and dancing are great examples, or if you need more assistance, you can ask your GP or local council about strength and balance classes in your area.

You can also try out some balance exercises at home using our exercise book: Strength and balance exercises for healthy ageing:

opens link in new window Download Strength and balance exercises for healthy ageing (PDF 699KB)

Standing tall

We find out about a falls recovery and prevention project aimed at helping older people in Brighton and Hove.

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Standing tall

There are many other things to look out for which can also help to reduce the risk of falls, for example:

Having your eyes checked regularly

This will help to identify any difficulties you may be having with your glasses prescription or other vision problems that may be affecting your balance and co-ordination.

Looking after your feet

It sounds simple but wearing well fitted shoes and slippers can help to reduce your risk of falls by making sure you are able to feel contact with the floor. Report any problems with your feet to your GP or practice nurse.

Managing your medicines

Certain medicines can make you feel faint or affect your balance. Let your GP know if you ever feel like this after taking medicine or if you are taking several medicines, in case you no longer need them or the dose needs to be changed.

For more information on preventing falls and improving your strength and balance, download our Staying Steady guide or its summary handout Top tips for staying steady:

opens link in new window Download our Staying steady guide (PDF 577KB)

opens link in new window Download our Top tips for staying steady (PDF 211 KB)

You may also like to try this home-made fish and chip recipe which, as part of a healthy diet, could improve the health of your bones. 

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