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The Big Chinwag

The Big Chinwag

Join people across the nation in getting together and raising money to help end loneliness. Whether it’s by having a cake sale at work, cocktails with friends or a summer fete, the Big Chinwag is an easy way for people to get together to make a difference.

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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Working for a charity can be a most rewarding vocation. Knowing you are doing something worthwhile to help the community we live in can be extremely motivating.

Paul and Di Jackson


We are looking for people to help fundraise in any capacity, big or small.

Please bring your ideas to our new fundraiser by email to or calling 0800 008 6077.



Our volunteers work across the whole organisation. We have opportunities to suit all kinds of people.


We offer training packages tailored to the needs and requirements of the care sector, voluntary organisations and businesses.