Get Connected

Islington has a number of organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice. Instead of trying to replace what other people do so well already, we actively refer people and receive referrals from organisations.

  • Make Referals

    Every month we have around 100 people we can refer to other organisations in Islington - especially where they offer more specialist services.
  • Take Referals

    We welcome organisations who want to use our services to better connect thier customers and provide expert support where it's needed.
  • Joint Events

    Joining forces to get a message across is a great way of adding value. We regularly work with partners on events, exhibitions and training.
  • Dr Claire Phipps, St John’s Way Medical Centre

    "We recommend patients of all adult ages to Age UK Islington. They offer a source of non-medical intervention to help improve the health and wellbeing for clients. That extra level of support helps people to reach their goals in life."
  • Toby Morgan, Energy Advice Officer SHINE

    "We offer lots of services to help people stay safe and warm in their own home – or ways to keep cool in the summer if their home gets too hot. About 2,500 people are referred each year, many from Age UK Islington."