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An old telephone with a dial

We are updating our phones

They are not quite this old but they do have to go. Wednesday, 27 May is the big day and the change may impact on anyone calling us that day. 

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Vida Walsh Centre Consultation

Smiling people

What do you think about our Activity Centre for older people? If you are over 55 please share your views in our survey. You don't need to have been there before, we'd love to hear your ideas. An online survey is now available!

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No one should have no one

No one should have no one

Help us to provide companionship, advice and support for millions of people facing later life alone. 


Please donate or volunteer today.

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Older People's Information Directory

Do you want to find out where you can try pilates? Need some help with chiropody? Looking for somewhere to have a cup of tea and chat with friends? The directory is an easy way to search for activities, groups and services in Lambeth and Southwark.

(Photograph provided courtesy of the Age Action Alliance - "Digital World" by Emma Rind)