Our vision looks ahead to how we will be in 2017

We will have consolidated our position as the leading voluntary organisation defending older peoples’ interests in Lambeth.  We will have made a real difference in their lives by working with and for older people. Older people from all cultures and backgrounds in Lambeth will identify what we do as relevant to their lives.

We will have a reputation for being forward thinking and innovative, always seeking to work cooperatively and in partnership with other organisations which share our aims and values.  Age UK Lambeth will be well run and on a firm financial footing.

We will campaign for a more progressive and intelligent approach to ageing policy.  We will work collaboratively and strategically with public authorities and stakeholder organisations to improve later life, having strengthened the voice of older people and built the capacity of the local age sector to advocate for lasting change in Lambeth.

We envisage Lambeth as a place in which older people will thrive as equal citizens with equal rights and adequate resources to enjoy a secure and decent life. We will have helped older people to gain access to good quality health and social care, having created opportunities to live healthier longer lives while experiencing a sense of personal well-being.

Older people will live in homes and neighbourhoods that are safe and comfortable and which enable them to lead fulfilling lives, actively participating and contributing as citizens, good neighbours, family members, volunteers and workers.

We have illustrated our strategy - see link below - with several real life stories to demonstrate the impact we currently have on different stakeholder groups including isolated older people, the frail elderly, people with disabilities and mental health issues, people with money worries and people who still have dreams to be realised.

We will have many more stories to tell.

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