Our Handyperson Service carries out minor repairs, improvements or adaptations to enable older people to maintain their independence and live in a warm, weather tight, safe and secure home; improve their quality of life, health and wellbeing; prevent accidents and illness which could result in admission to hospital; facilitate early discharge from hospital and prevent readmission; and signpost older people to other services.


The service performs a key strategic role in enabling older people to remain in their own home and preventing them from having to access more expensive and dependent forms of residential accommodation. In 2012-13 we established a successful partnership with Lambeth’s Community Safety Team to provide a lock fitting and burglary prevention service which has proved to be very popular. 


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Sue Taylor, Services Administrator 020 7346 6806

email: sue.taylor@ageuklambeth.org.uk


Kim Connell, Services Manager 020 7346 6809

email: kim.connell@ageuklambeth.org.uk