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Our services may close

Our services may close

Please help persuade Milton Keynes Council not to cut our funding. 

Write and let the council know what a difference our Community Home Visitors and 20 lunch clubs make to you or your family.




Tell Milton Keynes Council your story and how our help is vital to you

Our three furniture stores are open to everyone

Visit our stores in Kiln Farm, Bletchley and Stony Stratford
  • 6 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm MK11 3HB
  • 43 Queensway, Bletchley MK2 2DR
  • 23 High Street, Stony Stratford MK11 1AA

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The best of friends

Joyce Perry and Betty Mason would probably never see each other if it weren't for the Age UK Milton Keynes lunch club. 

Every week they look forward to a bit of companionship and good conversation in a safe and friendly environment.

Watch Joyce and Betty on Youtube

Sign up for the MK Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Sign up for the MK Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Get your friends and colleagues together to form a team.  Dragon boat racing is an adrenalin-fuelled, fun way of getting to know people better.

It is also an enjoyable way to spend a day and help raise funds that will make a difference to many lives.






Do something bold in 2015

No one should have no one

No one should have no one

Millions of older people in the UK have no one to turn to for support when times are tough. 

Often they have no one with whom they can share the good things that make life worth living, either.





Our Community Home Visitors make a difference every day.