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What would you do if it freezes this winter? Well, the answer is… don’t worry!

Tell us your views
We are very keen to make sure that anything we do to support older people in the city of Norwich is based on what people tell us they want and need. It will help us so much if you could spare a few moments to complete the questionnaire included in this issue of Citywide, and return it to the FREEPOST address printed on the questionnaire.  If you prefer, you can also complete it on-line at 

Tell us your views

We are very keen to make sure that anything we do to support older people in the city of Norwich is based on what people tell us they want and need. It will help us so much if you could spare a few moments to complete our questionnaire on-line by clicking here  if you prefer a hard copy plese get in touch on 01603 496333

Your views do count, and we are counting on hearing from you, so please do tell us what matters to you. And if you have something to tell us that isn’t covered by the questions on our form - just get in touch and let us know anyway.  We all want to make later life the best it can be. 

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Age UK Norwich advice hotline:

01603 496 333 01603 496 333

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Our services

Information and Advice

We offer advice and information on a wide range of matters of concern to older people and their carers. We also offer numerous factsheets and information sheets that cover a wide range of subjects.

Marion Road Centre

Living well with dementia.  Our Marion Road Centre combines specialist care with fun activities and lunches

Get involved


We rely on volunteers to help us provide all our services, whether visiting older people at home, helping in our office or our day centres... It's a great way to spend a few hours a week and make the world go around!

Norfolk Will Help

Age UK Norwich is pleased to be partnering with four of Norfolk's leading charities - Nelson's Journey, The Benjamin Foundation, The Big C and Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind to launch a new project – ‘Norfolk Will Help’.


Age UK Norwich is friendly, local, inclusive and caring. We're dedicated to making later life the best it can be. We're here to help you or your older friends and family stay independent, active and healthy and all of our help and support with the exception of day care is free.

Different ways to donate

As a local and independent charity, we are responsible for raising our own funds.  We rely on the support of local people and organisations and we are very grateful for your time and interest.

  • Life Stories Exhibition’ by Age UK Norwich

    ‘Life Stories’ – is an exciting exhibition focusing on a volunteer project run by Age UK Norwich which aims to capture older people's history in words, pictures and sounds. These important moments form a portable record which will promote a better sense of understanding and care. The exhibition will be moving to the first floor of the N&N University hospital at the end of November for 3 months

    September is Alzheimer’s 
    Awareness Month, and at Age UK Norwich we will be doing what 
    we can to help improve understanding, knowledge and 
    acceptance of this dementia.
    Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia - about 40% of cases. 

    Life Stories Exhibition

  • We’re starting well!

    Happy New Year everyone! I realise it probably feels too late - but my general rule is it is OK to make the greeting up until Easter, as long as it is used at the first opportunity.

    We have been blessed with remarkably mild weather for much of the winter so far, with very few cold days, the slightest sprinkle of snow and thankfully none of the dreadful flooding that has made life miserable in other parts of the UK. 

    We’re starting well!

  • Get to grips with that computer

    In February Age UK Norwich and OPEN are offering free ‘IT Masterclasses’

    Our advice drop-in and phone line
    Age UK Norwich Information and Advice Service 
    Christmas Eve open 10am – 12 noon
    Closed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day 
    Open again as normal Monday 4th January 2016 onwards

    IT Masterclasses

  • Citywide

    Articles in our February issue of Citywide include

    Tackling loneliness,Our 70th birthday, Your views matter, Advice sessions, Cold Weather Friends
    What’s on this Month, IT Masterclasses, Volunteer Opportunities, Join the Forum

    Cold Weather Friends are ready, So many to thank, In fashion for 2016, Terry’s Travel, What’s on this Month, Volunteer Opportunities, Time to make a will


PeterDon't Cut Care

The Government needs to invest in care for older people. Please show your support by signing our petition.

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