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Dedicated to making later life the best it can be

Why the Marion Road Day Centre, Norwich, is ‘like a second home’ for regulars 

The Marion Road Day Centre

Activities and events

craft making

 we support people and local groups across the city to run activities of all kinds and can help older people to attend if it is difficult to get out and about.


Click on the photo to check through the various activites on these pages to see ones suitable for you. . .

Shop opening 2013

Shop Anniversary


More people can get in to see us as we are nearer the bus stops
We have space so thousands of people can pick up a leaflet and find out how to solve their own problems
The shop has earned us £30,000 in profits during the year – this helps to secure the advice drop-in even as funding for advice becomes harder to find.
We have had many people pop in to find out about volunteering – which is helping us to meet the growing need for our support.
It really has been good news all round! Two big take home lessons for us:
Without a wonderful legacy that a Norwich lady left us in her will, we could never have had the shop;
We desperately need good clothes and other items to sell – it goes so fast we can’t keep the shelves looking nice!
If you can help us in any way, please do let us know – ring or pop in.

On Friday 17th October we celebrated that our lovely shop in London Street has been open for a year! I know, it doesn’t seem that way and it was a surprise to me.  

Shop Anniversary

Supporting our work 


Help us raise funds

As a local charity, run by local people, we rely very much on the support of ordinary people in order to be able to provide our services. Apart from our Day Centre, all our services are free so every older person can be supported, whatever their income. To do this we rely on our many volunteers and on grants and donations.


If you would like to support our work, visit our support page.

 Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Or to make a simple and secure online donation by

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