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Join Age UK and John Lewis to help some of the million older people who go a month without speaking to anyone.


One million older people go for a month without speaking to anyone.

 For older people with nowhere else to turn, getting in touch with Age UK Plymouth could open the door to many opportunities for companionship, advice and support.


Age UK Plymouth's unique Valuing Lives service develops and promotes a positive relationship with each individual to encourage social interaction and engagement within their local community.


Each person is individually matched with a volunteer befriender/enabler who will support them on a regular basis, encouraging and assisting them to take part in local activities and community based opportunities.


  • £10 would support our health and well being activities
  • £20 would pay for Winter Warmth items in cold weather
  • £25 would pay to support the training of our volunteer befrienders.


Donate to show someone they're loved this Christmas.


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No one should have no one

Help us provide companionship, advice and support for millions of people facing later life alone.

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Help more people love later life

As we grow older we all face new challenges but that doesn't stop us from wanting a fulfilling, independent later life.