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Research is an important part of Age UK’s work because it has the power to transform older peoples’ lives for the better.

Later life facts and stats

This collection of statistics is the best source of publicly-available, general information on people in later life in the UK.

Download factsheet (PDF 657 KB)

Research areas

More about Age UK Research

  • About Age UK Research

    Meet our team and find out more about what we do, including our research partnerships and work with the Global Council on Brain Health.
  • Evaluation reports

    Read evaluation reports on dementia services, digital inclusion, and other projects.
  • Resources for further research

    Browse sources of national and local statistics, as well as Centres of Ageing Research.
  • Wellbeing Index of Later Life

    Find out about our wellbeing research.
  • Partnering with us

    Find out about working with us on research projects and knowledge transfer
  • Loneliness maps

    Find out about our work on loneliness, and maps of the risk of loneliness at neighbourhood level.

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