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Warning over bogus callers

Encourage older relatives, friends and neighbours to be extra vigilant when answering their doors to callers and to use their door chains and check the ID of anyone who calls at their door. Age UK Rotherham does not call without a pre arranged appointment and our staff will never be offended when you ring to check their identity.

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Thank you for visiting our site! This will be the place to find out about everything we do for Rotherham's older community.

We will be updating content regularly so please drop by to find out what's new for Age UK Rotherham.

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Fit for the Future?

Get involved!

A Fit for the Future group can provide a variety of activities as well as the opportunity to meet people and improve health and wellbeing.

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Independent Living Support

'Pick and mix' the help you need to build your own goody basket of support.

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