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A public consultation is being held on 13th July to answer the question; What services are missing and needed by older people (over 55’s) in Stockport?  Age UK Stockport is behind the consultation which is being held in the Fred Perry Conference Suite - Stockport Town Hall on the 13th July between 5.30pm - 7.30pm.  Coffee and tea will be available

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The event is FREE TO ATTEND but you must book in advance.  Tickets are available online using

Alternatively ring 0161 480 1211 and leave your name and contact number.

The event will explore what people think would help improve their lives and the lives of family, friends and neighbours that is not available in Stockport at the moment. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Have you ever thought ‘what could my Mum/Dad do with that would improve their lives’? Then share the answer working in small groups, listening, discussing ideas and writing down your views.  This meeting is about looking forward to the future and thinking about what is needed. It is for anyone, of any age, who has a view and ideas.  The event is linked to Age UK Stockport and finding ways to fill the gaps that exist.

The evening will inform as well as providing the opportunity to contribute. The aim is that it will be fun, informative and make a difference!

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