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Our free information & advice service can help you understand your rights and entitlements, make informed choices about housing, care, money and more.

Benefits and entitlements

Independent living

  • Home safety and security

    Read about spotting and avoiding scams, gas & fire safety, security at home, preparing for flooding and more.
  • Health and wellbeing

    Get information on age-related health conditions, tips and advice on staying fit and healthy, as well as information on dealing with health services and leaving hospital.
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Residential and hospital care


  • Bereavement and legal issues

    Information and advice on legal issues, including making a will, what to do when someone dies and choosing a power of attorney.
  • Bereavement Help Point

    If you're experiencing or have experienced bereavement (recently or a while ago), pop in to our free weekly drop-in Bereavement Help Point.
  • Speak to us for free information & advice on bereavement

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Other information & advice

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