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We have a range of Christmas cards for sale. A selection of packs is available at the Olive Branch Community Centre, with the complete range being detailed here, as currently held in our stockroom. Each pack contains 10 identical cards and there is also a box of 30 assorted cards available. Available whilst current stocks last - we are unable to place new orders for more stock. 

Any cards not available at the Olive Branch Community Centre can be requested, and will be delivered on the next opening day, subject to availability.

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Madonna and Child      £3.00 Packs in stock                     4
Santa's Wishlist            £3.00 Packs in stock                     9
Wren on Berries                            £2.75 Packs in stock                                       3
Jumpers                                        £2.75 Packs in stock                                     2
Journey of the Kings                     £2.75 Packs in stock                                      5
Angel Praying                                £2.75 Packs in stock                                      7
Coming to Church                          £2.75 Packs in stock                                      5
Santa 1                                          £3.50 Packs in stock                                      3
Penguin Huddle                             £3.50 Packs in stock                                    12