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Growing older can be lonely, isolation may creep up on people as they and their friends become less mobile, or it may be sudden as the result of illness or bereavement. Regardless of age, we all need contact with other people.

Sadly it’s very easy to find yourself feeling lonely. People find themselves feeling lonely for lots of different reasons; maybe age or illness means it’s harder for them to get out and about or their family and friends move away or lose contact.


Feeling lonely can happen to anyone at any time and it’s important to ask for help if you feel this way. 


Our Befriending Service is committed to preventing older people in Essex becoming lonely and isolated, helping them to remain happy and independent by providing friendship and someone to talk to. 


We reach out to lonely older people through weekly phone calls or visits. Our Befriending volunteers are all carefully checked and fully trained and we try to match people with similar interests so there's always something to talk about.


Our Befriending Services

Our Befriending Service is available to people over the age of 60 who are living with the effects of loneliness or social isolation. You can refer yourself or family, friends and other organisations like social services can put you in touch with our team. 


Once you have been referred to us, our Befriending Coordinators will arrange a referral call or visit to discuss your needs and explain the service.


Telephone Befriending

Our Telephone Befriending Service is available throughout Essex and Thurrock.  


We offer you the chance to share a friendly chat on the telephone with a weekly call from one of our volunteers or the local Befriending Coordinator.


Face-to-face Befriending

Our face-to-face Befriending Services are available in the Basildon and Brentwood districts and Thurrock only. There are two options available: 

Home Befriending - giving companionship through a weekly home visit, you'll be matched to a volunteer who shares similar interests and they will visit you for one hour every week.


Active Befriending - if you are looking for someone to share your hobbies and interests with, Active Befriending offers you a volunteer who will visit you up to once a week and accompany you on an agreed activity. Your volunteer may also be able to accompany you on an occasional visit to your local doctors or hospital.


Contact us

To find out more about our service or to make a referral, please call our Befriending team.


Central Befriending office 

Tel: 01268 525 353



Thurrock Befriending office 

Tel: 01708 866 684