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We're a local charity supporting older people, their families and carers.

Our aim is to make Herefordshire & Worcestershire a great place to grow older!

What we do

Our latest Strategy

Our Mission

    • To make a difference to older people across Herefordshire and Worcestershire by promoting connections, enabling seamless access to advice, support and services and through awareness raising and advocacy.


Our Strategic Aims

To Promote Positive Attitudes to Ageing. We will do this by:

      • Treating all older people fairly and with respect, recognising their different needs, choices and values
      • Promoting the value of older people in their communities and to each other
      • Increasing awareness of opportunities available to older people
      • Enabling older people to influence strategic planning and service delivery
      • Promoting the contribution older people can make through their involvement in service provision
      • Identifying and developing new areas of activity and training for older people

Provision of Direct Support/Services. We will:-

      • Provide information and support to older people through direct service provision of a consistently high standard
      • Identify and develop new areas of activity to reflect needs and demands
      • Continue to work with under-represented groups and other agencies to ensure that all older people receive the services and support to which all are entitled
      • Develop and support partnerships within Herefordshire and Worcestershire to extend opportunities for service delivery
      • Raise awareness of and to communicate the work of the Organisation

Raising Standards. We will support others:-

      • Working with older people to develop high standards of care
      • Working with older people to manage and maintain their high standards of care
      • To ensure they treat older people with dignity and care


Our Principles

Ageism is unacceptable: 

      • We are against all forms of discrimination; challenge unfair treatment on grounds of age; and represent the views of older people to ensure their voice is heard

All people have the right to make decisions about their lives: 

      • We help older people to discover and exercise these rights

People less able to help themselves should be offered support: 

      • We seek to support older people to live their lives as independently as possible.
      • We believe people who are supported should be treated with dignity and respect in all supported settings

We believe in working with others to make Herefordshire & Worcestershire a better place to grow older: 

      • We recognise the value of collective action and where possible we will work with others with diverse strengths in our community to ensure older people are cared about


How we are funded

    • Your support and donations enable us to reach more older people who need access to information, guidance and services. We are funded through a range of sources including donations, legacies, health & local government contracts, and paid for services. To find out more, please see our latest Annual Report.

Every year we

Get in touch with our friendly Referral hub:

Telephone: 0800 008 6077