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Share your experiences at Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire’s ‘See the Person, not the dementia’ exhibition

Published on 06 February 2024 10:38 AM

Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire would like to invite people living with dementia, their devoted carers, cherished loved ones and the extended community to participate in our eye-opening art exhibition - ‘See the Person, not the dementia’. 

This exhibit is set to be part of the Worcestershire Dementia Festival, which takes place from the 13th - 19th May and will be hosted at The Hive in Worcester. 

We'd like to encourage people to take part by sharing their individual stories and perspectives of dementia through art, and we're asking participants to create a collage that relates to their experience to form the exhibition.   

This isn’t just an event for those who are living with a dementia diagnosis themselves, it’s also for those who have been impacted as a loved one or carer. Anyone who works or volunteers with people living with dementia are also highly encouraged to take part as well and share their experiences, highlighting how dementia can impact the wider community.  

The powerful exhibition aims not only to highlight the impact of dementia on individuals but to also offer a poignant glimpse into its profound effects on families and the broader community. Through art, we hope to unveil the many aspects of dementia, demonstrating the resilience, creativity and stories of those affected, their loved ones and the community at large. 

Our hope is that launching the exhibition will help spread further awareness of dementia and enable everybody to honour the resilience of those impacted, helping to shape more compassion around the subject within the local community.  

Our Dementia Services Manager Kelly Reeves has added: 

Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire are stripping back the label of dementia by focusing on the personalities, interests and creativity of those living with the disease, their friends, family, members of the community and staff within our organisation.”  

“We want to help people recognise the individuality and dignity of each person, promoting a culture of understanding, respect and support for those affected by dementia in our communities. It's a step towards embracing the full humanity of individuals living with dementia and celebrating their unique contributions to society.” 

An example of what you could create for the exhibit, courtesy of some of our fantastic artwork from the past.

Entering artwork into the exhibition will be free. You can learn more about the exhibition and confirm your participation by contacting us on 0800 008 6077 or if you would prefer, emailing us at