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No one should have no one

Millions of older people in the UK are facing the ups and downs of life almost entirely alone. They have no one to turn to for the support that can make all the difference when times are tough. Equally, they often have no one with whom they can share the good things that make life really worth living.

Age UK wants to be there for older people in good times and in bad and we recognise that different people need different things.


For many, it’s about making sure they receive the financial support they’re entitled to, and getting the most from the money they already have.


For others, it’s getting the right advice so they can live independently at home for as long as possible - or understanding their options if they’ve decided that’s no longer right for them because they need more intensive day-to-day care.


It’s the little things

No one should have no oneBut being there for those who need us isn’t only about tackling the really big problems and issues. It’s also about helping to provide the little things that can make a big difference.

Whether it’s having someone come round to help with the shopping, a friendly call or visit each week and somewhere to go to make new friends, or some expert advice to deal with a problem that’s nagging away, Age UK is determined to be there to help.

We’re committed to putting your donations to the best possible use by making sure we’re there with vital help and support when it’s most needed by those in later life.


Companionship, advice and support

We’re working hard to give older people the fundamental things everyone deserves and which most of us take for granted without a second thought: advice and support at the times it is most needed, friendship and someone to share a laugh with from time to time.


If you agree with us that a life with no one is really no life at all, then make a donation or volunteer today to help us to make sure everyone has someone.


Because no one should have no one.