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Tackling loneliness across Worcestershire

Are you or do you know someone who might be feeling lonely? We can all feel lonely from time to time, even when surrounded by people and activity.

With help loneliness can be something that you leave behind. With support to improve your mood, rebuild your confidence, and get you back on track, you can start to enjoy life again. Reconnections is a service thats already helping people all over Worcestershire. We offer friendly, practical and emotional support to those who feel lonely or isolated, bringing the fun back into life.

We also offer volunteering opportunities for those who want to help others. It's a great way to get to know people and give something back to your community.

With 1000 people now part of Worcestershire's Reconnections service and others getting involved as volunteers, something special is happening in across the county.

Whether you or someone you know are feeling lonely, and would be interested in joining in, or whether you think that you could make a difference by volunteering."There's a real change going on all over Worcestershire” says Reconnections Manager, Sophie Pryce, “we're seeing people's lives transform, building communities, and making new friends. And that's just the volunteers!”

If you know someone who might benefit from our service, please get in touch. If you’d like to help us to support people when loneliness affects them, we’d love to hear from you too. Whatever your interest in finding out more, there's a real person on the end of the phone – and a chance to get involved with something really exciting this summer. Call now. Make a referral online. 

Find out more about the volunteer role.

Or visit the Reconnections Website.


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Contact Reconnections:

Telephone: 01905 740954 or 0800 195 8040