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Age UK Staffordshire encouraging clients and their families to avoid COVID passport scam

Published on 27 June 2021 12:00 AM

scam hero.png

A new scam based around providing fraudulent COVID digital passports poses a risk to those most vulnerable, says charity.

Staffordshire Trading Standards are asking residents to be vigilant against a new email scam which says it can provide you a Covid Digital Passport.

The scam is sent by criminals to fraudulently obtain banking details and is often in the form of an email that could catch many unsuspecting victims.

The email, which has been intentionally designed to look similar to communication from NHS and uses the NHS logo, asks to open a link to obtain a digital pass. However this leads to a fake website, which askes for personal and banking details.

Age UK Staffordshire are urging everyone to be vigilant around the new scam and to spread the awareness to friends and family members - particularly those who may be more vulnerable to scams, such as older people, who may not be able to distinguish between official and fraudulent emails.

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