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Online Charity Shop

We are a county-wide charity working with and for older people in Staffordshire. We believe that later life should be valued and fulfilling. 100% of purchases through our online store helps your family, friends and neighbours have the opportunity to enjoy their best later lives!

Item types for sale


  • Digital Cameras e.g. Praktica, Panasonic, Canon, Meopta, Flexaret
  • Camera Lenses e.g. Leica Leitz, Carl Zeiss, Minolta, Nikon, Makinon, Opticron
  • Vintage Equipment e.g. Sewing Machines, Typewriters, Multi-Function Testers
  • Decorative Kitchen Collections e.g. Denby, Poole Pottery, Picquot Ware
  • Jewellery e.g. 9ct+ Bracelets, 14ct+ Fountain Pens, Tissot Watches or similar
  • Branded Clothing e.g. Big Coats, Modern Boots/ Shoes/ High Heels (with boxes)
  • Miscellaneous e.g. Music Amps, Roberts Radios, Vintage Cameras

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