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A group of older people campaigning as part of Age UK's 2015 General Election campaign with a banner reading 'A Great Place to Grow Old'.

Two hundred and fifty older people from all over England gathered at Westminster on 24 March 2015 for Age UK's General Election Rally, putting their questions to party leaders and other politicians.

The rally was part of our campaign to encourage politicians to work with us and older people to make this country 'A Great Place to Grow Older' over the next Parliament. David Cameron (Conservatives), Liz Kendall (Labour), Paul Burstow (Liberal Democrats), Natalie Bennett (Green Party) and Mark Reckless (UKIP) attended the rally and explained what they would do, if elected, for older peole today and in the future.

In a lively debate, older people and those who care for them raised issues such as the NHS, the quality of social care, the level of the state pension and the future of universal benefits such as the bus pass.

The event received significant media coverage and helped highlight areas of public policy that are important to older people.

84 MPs have signed up to become Age Champions - helping us ensure that the UK is a great place to grow older.

68% of older people believe that politicians see them as a low priority.

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174