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Not By My Selfie

Not By My Selfie

Share your #NotByMySelfie to help the millions of older people who face the ups and downs of life almost entirely alone.

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Welcome to the new Age UK Doncaster website

Age UK Doncaster is a local charity providing support and services to all older people, and those who care for them, living in and around Doncaster.

We promote positive ageing, healthier lifestyles and encourage independent living. We provide a vast range of services including Home and Day Care, Cleaning, Gardening, Exercise classes, and much more.

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Latest news

No one should have No one

Millions of older people are facing the ups and downs of later life almost entirely alone. They have no one to turn to for the support that can make all the difference when times are tough.

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Latest Vacancy

Volunteer Development Officer

Age UK Doncaster is seeking to recruit a Volunteer Development Officer to strengthen the support we offer our current volunteers and develop the range of volunteering opportunities within the organisation.

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