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Information and Advice

  • Location: Age UK Doncaster
  • Price: Free
Call 01302 811174 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK Doncaster - Head Office's catchment area.

Age UK Doncaster
Ten Pound Walk
United Kingdom

Please call our Information & Advice team on 01302 811174 for help with a range of issues, including:

- Cost of Living Crisis
- Welfare Benefits
- Money Matters
- Social Inclusion
- Care and Support
- Health and Wellbeing

For people eligible for extra benefits, we bring in an average increase of £3,688 per year. This service is made possible with the support of the Henry Smith Charity.

Case Study: Sylvia

Sylvia was experiencing problems with her cooker. She told the advisor that she could not afford a new cooker or pay for somebody to come and have a look at it. Sylvia had got herself into a bit of a mess financially as she was paying out for a funeral plan that was leaving her very short of money.

The Advisor told Sylvia about a possible grant that might be available from Friends for the Elderly. They completed the form and sent it off, a few weeks later the charity contacted Age UK Doncaster to confirm that they would be supplying Sylvia with a new cooker, installing it and disposing of the old one.

The advisor followed up with Sylvia to see how she was getting on and although she was thrilled with the cooker, she was still very worried about her finances. The advisor looked at the funeral plan and discovered that she was paying out on three separate plans which were unnecessary. With Sylvia’s permission, the advisor contacted the companies and one of the plans was cancelled and all the premiums refunded which was a total of £2400, and a saving of over £90 per month.

Sylvia was very happy with the outcome: "It was such a relief; I was worried sick about how I was going to manage. Thank goodness I called in on the off chance.”