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Service Office

From our Service Office we handle the day to day running of all our services, including; Homecare, Daycare, Cleaning Service, etc.

If you need to pay a bill, hand in an application form for a job opportunity, attend an induction or training course, or talk to us about how our services could help you or your family, you can pop in and we will be happy to help.

By Car

  • If you're using a SatNav type in our new postcode DN4 5HX
  • If not simply travel down White Rose Way (from the round-a-bout linking A638, Carr House Road, White Road Way) until you reach the round-a-bout by the Renault Garage. Go around the round-a-bout so you come back up White Rose Way towards town, but take the left on to Ten Pound Walk by the St Leger Homes building. Follow Ten Pound Walk straight down until you see our office on the corner of Ten Pound Walk and Heavens Walk. Carry on towards the National Rail compound and the entrance to our car park is on the left just before the National Rail entrance.

By Bus
If you are travelling by bus the most direct service is the 56 (to Rossington).

  • This bus 4 stops to Jarrett Street. From here is it a short, 10 minute walk to our office. 
  • Cross over Carr House Road at the crossing by shops and continue down the left hand side of White Rose Way.
  • As you reach the bottom of the hill you will see the St Leger Homes building across the road.
  • You can cross the dual carridge way here (be careful). 
  • Continue down Ten Pound Walk, past the St Leger Homes Building and the Doncaster Business Centre (both on your right). 
  • You will find us on the corner of Ten Pound Walk and Heavens Walk. Access is a little further down towards the entrance to the national rail gate.