BBC TV 'Holding Back the Years'

Earlier this year, Martyn, Age UK Exeter’s CEO, was excited to be involved in the filming of a new series for the BBC called Holding Back the Years with the iconic Angela Rippon.

Aired in late March, the programme is one of a series and looks specifically at the financial challenges facing older people today. He was asked to comment on the state of older people’s pensions, their finances, why some don’t claim the benefits they’re entitled to, and the outlook for the future of work for older people.

You can watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer - it's Series 1, episode 2. Click here to watch now.

It's great to see the BBC focusing on these issues which affect so many people. We hope you'll watch the programme - and if you or someone you know needs advice about this or any other matter regarding later life, we are here to help.

You can contact us by phoning 01392 202092, or come and see us at our Cowick Street centre.

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