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94-year-old Ruby opening the door, smiling.

Whether it's through donating money or items, running, raising money, campaigning, volunteering, or joining a local group, all your generous support makes a massive difference to thousands of vulnerable older people.

Read how Age UK is helping people in later life, and find out how you can get involved.

How Age UK befriending transformed Ruby's life

94-year-old Ruby is one of those people who sparkles. She has a real passion for life, and loves spending time with other people.

But before she met her befriender Siggy, she found herself feeling increasingly lonely and isolated.

She used to live to chat, and loved sharing her life with other people. But as her family moved away and her life-long friends passed on, she found herself with no one to talk to. Her natural enthusiasm and zest for life were beginning to wane, as her life became miserable.

Then her local Age UK teamed her up with befriender, Siggy. Siggy and Ruby hit it off straight away, and Siggy calls in to see Rugby regularly. They go shopping, share lunch, and have even enjoyed outings to Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament together.

Through Age UK's befriending services, Ruby has rediscovered her love for life and her bubbly personality has returned, because she has someone to chat to again.

The quality of Ruby’s life has been transformed.

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Some other ways Age UK is helping

  • Last year, Age UK helped 5 million people, through our information, advice and charitable services.
  • Our HandyPerson service made 15,414 home visits, helping older people feel safer and more comfortable in their homes, by installing security equipment, changing locks and fitting smoke alarms.
  • We trained 135,000 people to use technologies such as the internet, Skype, mobile phones and digital cameras.
  • 60,000 people participated in our Falls Awareness Week to reduce their risk of falling.
  • We call people to make sure they’re OK. This is especially important when they’re just out of hospital, or if someone they love has died.

We rely on the generous support of our donors to continue providing these services and countless others:

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How our campaigning is improving later life

Our campaigning has brought about significant improvements for people in later life:

  • Age UK worked closely with older people, partners and forums to ratchet up pressure on the banks to continue to offer cheques. On the 12 July 2011 the Payments Council announced that cheques will stay for as long as customers need them. This is great for the three quarters of people over 65 who use them.
  • Our More money in your pocket campaign helped older people claim over £100 million in benefits that would otherwise not have been claimed.
  • Over 80% of all NHS trusts in England have contacted Age UK to find out more about our Hungry to be heard campaign to end the malnourishment of older people in hospital; of these, 55% have made changes to ensure people get the food and help they need at hospital mealtimes.
  • We were able to gain a cap of 18 months on the increase to State Pension Age for those most affected by the Government's initial proposals. This means that around 240,000 men and 245,000 women will receive their state pension earlier than if the Government’s original plans had been voted through.

If you would like to campaign with us to improve later life, email and we'll let you know how you can help.

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