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Age UK cyclists completing the Ride London 100 event.

Got a ballot space in Ride London 2016 on 30-31 July? We'd love to support you!

Prudential Ride London is a world-class festival of cycling. The route of the Prudential offers a perfect traffic-free ride for a range of cycling abilities, everyone can enjoy a challenging day in the saddle pedalling through the roads of London and Surrey.

If you have a ballot space please call 020 3033 1725 or email We can send out a fundraising pack and personalised cycling jersey!

Age UK do not have charity places in Ride London 2016

Why cycle for Age UK?

We believe that we can help everyone to make the most of later life. We do this by inspiring, supporting and enabling older people in a number of ways.

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If nothing is done about age-related disease, there will be over 6m people with a long-term limiting illness or disability by 2030

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For more information: Call Age UK on 020 3033 1725