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What do we do with your items?

90% of the items donated to us can be sold, and the rest we can recycle

We try our very best to sell every donated item in our shops, and items that are slow to sell are transferred to other shops to be placed on sale again.

In the rare occasion that an item doesn’t sell, we pass it to our dedicated rag merchant who runs a recycling scheme.

Some items are sent to Eastern Europe and Africa to be used by people in need, and damaged clothes are given to heavy industry for cleaning wipes. Nothing is wasted if you donate it to Age UK.

Where the money goes

The average bag of donations is worth £10 to Age UK. This could buy two pendant alarms connected to a telephone response team, ensuring immediate help for a vulnerable older person in an emergency.

5 bags of donations could provide hot meals and companionship for 16 people at a day centre.

Gift Aid

Sign up for Gift Aid when you bring in your goods and increase the value of your donation by approximately 25%.

If you are a UK tax payer, just complete a simple declaration when you make a donation and we can claim 25p back in tax at no cost to you - your tax code won’t be affected either - so for every £10 we make from your donations, we get £12.50.

Once your donation has been sold, you will receive a notification by post or by email (which saves the charity money) for you to confirm you want the money raised donated under the Gift Aid scheme. You only need to reply if you don’t want to donate the proceeds of the sale.

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