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Why leave a legacy?

Age UK is committed to being there for older people who need us. By leaving a legacy to Age UK, you can help to make sure that we can keep making life better for older people.

Every single gift is vital to Age UK, and means that years from now, people in later life will have someone to turn to if they’re feeling vulnerable, lonely and forgotten.

It’s the reassurance that, when the time comes, our vital support network will be there to help with everyday needs, so people can continue to live with dignity and respect. It’s a huge comfort to know we’re just a phone call away.

That’s why every single gift to Age UK is so valuable.

We promise that your gift, however large or small, will be spent wisely and make a genuine difference to lives of older people who need our help and support.

Anne's story

Anne from the North West shares below why she decided to leave a gift to Age UK in her will:

‘At my local day centre, I see first-hand the difference Age UK makes to older people, how they help people get the most out of life. Thank goodness for Age UK and the wonderful work they do. Where would we be without them?

'I know that the gift in my will can help to make sure the next generation of older people will have someone who’s there for them, to speak and campaign on their behalf, just as my generation has. I also know that even after I’m gone, in a way I’ll still be supporting one of my favourite charities.’

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