Special interest groups

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Special Interest Groups are a great way to keep up your favourite hobby‚ or even try out a new one.

Groups are ordered alphabetically by group name. Click on one of the links below for contact information: 


Contact Eddie and Sandie Mander
Telephone: 0199 365 0300
Email: emander@btconnect.com


Contact Dave Brown
Telephone: 0182 783 0380
Email: dave.abrown@btinternet.com


Contact Tony Cassidy
Telephone: 0122 381 2605
Email: cb.arp@bigfoot.com 


Contact Joe Partridge
Telephone: 0208 670 7448
Email: joe@youandyourcamera.com

Radio Amateurs

Contact Hugh Morgan-Jones
Telephone: 0161 799 6184
Email: hugh@hughmorganjones.com

Ski Club

Contact Geoff Peterson
Email: hc.rae@tinyonline.co.uk  

Skiing - Langlauf

Contact Cheng Wood
Email: woodcheng@hotmail.co.uk

St Albans Singles Sunday Lunch Club

Contact Paula Wallace
Telephone: 0208 765 7686
Email: paula.wallace@ace.org.uk

Ten-pin Bowling

Hinckley & Burbage

Contact Ray Breward
Telephone: 0145 563 4025
Email: raybreward@btinternet.com 


Contact Robin Berks
Telephone: 0191 252 4967
Email: robin.berks@blueyonder.co.uk

National League

contact Ray Breward
Telephone: 0145 563 4025
Email: raybreward@btinternet.com

Newcastle and the North East

Contact Frank Hedges
Telephone: 0191 388 5024
Email: frankandkit@fsmail.net


Contact Dennis Bell
Email: denis160@btinternet.com

Theatre and Arts


Contact Anne Daines or Cheng Wood
Telephone: 0208 657 4225
Email: anne_daines@hotmail.co.uk or woodcheng@hotmail.co.uk


Contact Liz Hannan
Telephone: 0771 432 7779
Email: lphannan@msn.com


Contact Marylyn Whelan
Telephone: 0127 458 8334
Email: marylyn.whelan@btinternet.com

Wine Appreciation

Contact Paula Wallace
Telephone: 0208 765 7686
Email: paula.wallace@ace.org.uk


Contact David Chase
Telephone: 0196 323 017
Email: elmcomers@gmail.com

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