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An older lady wearing a hat in the sun

We all like to enjoy the sunny weather, but it's important to make sure that you don't overheat or get dehydrated. Read our tips for staying cool in a heatwave.

10 tips for staying cool

Hayfever and asthma

We talk about the links between hayfever and asthma and how you can treat your allergies.

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Hayfever and asthma
An older lady cutting vegetables

Fat, sugar and salt

Diets that are high in fat, sugar and salt are associated with a higher incidence of many of today’s common health conditions. Find out how to maintain a healthy weight and be more aware of what's in your food. 

An older lady talking on the phone

Feeling lonely?

We can all feel lonely at times, but it shouldn't be accepted as an inevitable part of getting older. Sometimes a friendly chat can really lift our spirits.

An older lady looking in the mirror

Body image

As we grow older our bodies change and, living in a culture obsessed with youth, it's sometime hard to feel confident about how we look. 

Alan Beattie, dance teacher at age 78

Dancing is in Alan Beattie's blood. He's been tripping the light fantastic for more than 70 years, and at 78, he shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Alan Beattie

How we help: Health

We believe that all older people should have the opportunity and support to live happy and healthy lives through equal access to appropriate prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services.


Walk your way to health

The great thing about walking is that you don’t need any specialist equipment. Read our tips for walking your way to health.
Older couple walking in the sun

Life-saving health tests

By undergoing routine health checks, which take just minutes to perform, you can spot any problems in the early stages when they are easier to treat.

older lady with a doctor

Age UK Advice - 0800 169 6565

What does Age UK do in your area?

gifted housing

Gifted Housing Service

Donate your property to Age UK and enjoy security and peace of mind. We’ll support you to stay living there and help you with maintenance, and with the costs and worries of home ownership.

Dr Naim Dangoor OBE

Dr Naim Dangoor

We are grateful for the generous support of Dr Naim Dangoor CBE and The Exilarch's Foundation

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