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Health & wellbeing

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Key topics

  • Winter health

    Cold weather causes a massive increase in associated health problems. Find out how to take care of yourself during the colder months.
  • Conditions and illnesses

    Information and advice about conditions and illnesses which may affect us as we get older.
  • Healthy eating

    Eating a healthy diet doesn't have to be difficult or expensive - follow our simple advice
  • Fitness and exercise

    Want to improve your fitness but don't know where to start? Find out what exercise might suit you.
  • Mind and body

    Information about ageing happily and healthily, and tips on keeping your mind and body healthy.
  • Relationships and family

    As you get older your relationships carry more meaning and you may begin to lose life-long friends.
  • Your healthcare rights

    This section explains all your rights with regard to receiving adequate healthcare.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)

    Information and advice for older LGBT people.
  • Dental Care - NHS and private

    All you need to know about looking after your teeth and how to get dental care.
  • GP services

    Everyone should be registered with a GP practice, even if you don't currently have any health problems.
  • Health and Wellbeing projects

    Age UK run a series of health and wellbeing projects, supporting older people to take up physical activity and offering organisations training and support.
  • End of life planning

    Thinking about the end of life can be tough, but being well informed can help us stay in control of the way we die.

Spotlight on:

Dementia - Sally Magnusson

Julie Banks talks to broadcaster Sally Magnusson about her new book ‘Where Memories Go’ and her experiences of coping with her mother’s dementia

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We are grateful for the generous support of the late Sir Naim Dangoor, CBE, and the Exilarch's Foundation.


'I feel as if I'm investing in my own future'

Mark tells his emotional, personal story on why he chose to work for Age UK, when he was looking for a new job.

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News and campaigns

  • Loneliness warning

    Councils are warning that loneliness is a major public health concern.
  • Sight loss

    Thousands of blind and partially sighted older people are not getting support.
  • Heating worries

    Over 4 million older people are worried about heating their homes.
  • Ageing population

    The rise in life expectancy is a great achievement, but many older people still feel excluded.