Help and Support for Glaucoma

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Learning you have a condition that affects your vision can be upsetting.  It is important to know where to find reliable information and support, in addition to that offered by the hospital.

The Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) offers support, advice and products you may need. They can help you to find out what's available in your area both from RNIB and other organisations.

They can help if you want to know more about your eye condition, buy a product from their shop, join their library, find out about possible benefit entitlements, be put in touch with a trained counsellor, or make a general enquiry.

The International Glaucoma Association offers information and support through their website and helpline.  It also promotes research into early diagnosis and treatment and campaigns on behalf of people with glaucoma.


You may like to discuss this with your GP or the ophthalmologist. Unless you have suffered significant loss of peripheral vision, you are likely to be able to continue to drive. If you have glaucoma in both eyes, you must inform the Driver’s Medical Branch of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).   The DVLA will contact your ophthalmologist for a report and may arrange for a visual field test at a local optician to check your vision. The government website: DirectGov gives information on reporting medical conditions to the DVLA.

Social care support

If you have difficulty with day-to-day tasks due to sight loss, contact the low vision team working in your local authority. They can provide helpful advice and practical support to help you make the most of the vision you have. They can also tell you about financial help you may be eligible to receive.

Further information
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This government website has useful information under the headings ‘money, tax and benefits’ and ‘caring for someone’. DVLA information is in the ‘travel and transport’ section.

International Glaucoma Association
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Sightline: 01233 648170
The International Glaucoma Association is a patient-based registered charity that works to prevent glaucoma blindness through information, advice and support. Its website is a comprehensive source of up-to-date news and information about glaucoma. Membership is open to the public and professionals who are interested in preventing sight loss through glaucoma.

NHS Choices website 
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Glaucoma can be found in the Health A-Z section. Pages contain information about its diagnosis and treatment and there is an interview with a patient who talks about her diagnosis and subsequent treatment. You can hear an interview with an ophthalmologist too.

Royal National Institute of Blind People
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Helpline: 0303 123 9999
The RNIB is a UK charity offering support and information to blind and partially sighted people.

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