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Other helpful equipment

Some people with a hearing loss use special equipment as well as their hearing aids.

Special equipment can help you to hear particular sounds around the home, like the telephone and doorbell, and make it possible to hear the television or radio without the volume turned up very high.

Television and radio

Specially designed equipment is available for amplifying the sound from your television and radio, or you could use a home loop system together with your hearing aid.


Some telephones have an amplifier in the handset, so you can turn up the volume to hear the other person better. Some are fitted with an 'inductive coupler', a small loop which can be used by hearing aid users who have a 'T' switch on their aid. Action On Hearing Loss has a helpful factsheet Telephones and voice communications that also tells you about using the internet to make phone calls.


If you have difficulty hearing your doorbell, there is equipment that will make your doorbell louder or replace it with vibrating pads and flashing lights which will let you know somebody is at your door.

Where to get special equipment

This type of equipment is often available on free loan through your local social services department. Ask to speak to the social worker for deaf people. If you prefer to buy equipment yourself, Action On Hearing Loss has a range of factsheets to help you.


Lipreading is a skill which most people use unconsciously to some degree. We usually focus on another person's face and lips if we are having difficulty hearing what they are saying (often because of intrusive background noise). We do this in an attempt to search for visual clues as to what the speaker is saying.

If you have a hearing loss, lipreading can be a very useful aid to hearing. Going to a local lipreading class may improve your skills, and your confidence. Find out about local classes through your library, or Action On Hearing Loss.

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174

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