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As you get older your relationships carry more meaning and you may begin to lose life-long friends and have other relationship challenges to contend with.

Michael Nelson - love

Michael Nelson, 89, talks about love.

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Michael Nelson - love

Successful relationships

What are the secrets of a long-lasting relationship? We decided to try and find out
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Telephone befriending

Find out about our 'Call in Time' befriending service
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Although bereavement is a highly personal and often traumatic event, many people go through a range of recognisable reactions and emotions when someone they are close to dies.
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Older lesbian, gay and bisexual

Many of the issues in relation to planning for later life are very similar whether you are gay or heterosexual. However‚ there are some things that might need different attention especially if you have worries about being discriminated against. 
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Grandparenting and the art of negotiation

Being the kind of grandparent that fits what you, your children and your grandchildren want, involves compromise, concession and conciliation on all sides. 
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If you are going through a bereavement, Age UK can help with information and counselling on how to cope with grief.

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