Advice for carers

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Are you a carer? Whether you care from a distance or a live in carer for a partner or relative, find out about your rights, the support available to you and how to continue your caring role while keeping yourself in good health. Download your Advice for carers guide to find out more.

Advice for carers


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Are you a carer?

Many people look after someone for a long time without ever thinking of themselves as carers.

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Your rights as a carer

When you're busy looking after someone else, it's easy to forget about your own needs as a carer.

Support for carers

Find out about emotional, practical and financial support available for carers in the UK.
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How we help: care

Our vision is for all older people to be able to access the help they need to stay well and independent and to live in suitable housing, in age-friendly neighbourhoods, for as long as they want.

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Carer's Allowance

Are you eligible for financial support? Find out today 
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Carer support

Many people care for loved ones in their later life, but it doesn’t need to be isolating. Age UK’s Lucy Harmer will be filling us in on what support is available for carers.

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Carer support


When your caring role changes

Your caring role can change over time. Read about carer’s assessments, changes to benefits and all the support you need as carer in the UK.
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Your Age UK

Set your location to see what Age UK offers in your local area.

Age UK Advice:
0800 169 6565
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Care in Crisis

We’re calling on the Government to reform the care system, to ensure that people in later life receive high quality care and support .

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Personal alarms

At the press of a button, a Personal alarm gives you the reassurance that help is available.

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