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Location and building

Use our checklist to help you find out as much as you can about a care home and make an informed choice.

Print the entire checklist and take it with you

Where is the home?



Will visitors be able to get there easily?



Are there transport links near by?



Are facilities such as shops, pubs, parks and places of worship within easy reach?



How accessible is the home?



Will it be easy for you to enter and leave the building, and move between rooms and floors?



How good is the wheelchair access?



Is there a lift?



Does the home feel clean and inviting?



Are there any unpleasant smells?



Do the rooms feel hot and stuffy or cold and draughty?



Is there a relaxed and friendly atmosphere?



Will you feel comfortable chatting and socialising in the home’s public areas?



Are chairs arranged in groups or round the edges of the rooms?



Is there a quiet living room for reading, as well as one with a television?



Are the rooms a good size?



Will you have a room to yourself?



Is there any choice of rooms to accommodate preferences such as sun, shade or quiet?



Do the rooms have en suite facilities or basins?



Will you be able to bring your own possessions such as pictures, plants and furniture?



Does the home allow pets?



Will you be able to settle into the home?



Would you prefer a larger or smaller home?









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Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 2081