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Your care needs

Print the entire checklist and take it with you

Is the home registered to provide the level of care you need?



Do the other residents seem to have a similar level of need to you?



What will happen if your needs change or increase?



Does the home have bathing facilities that meet your needs?



If you need help with bathing, who will provide this?



Can you choose how often you have a bath or shower?



Are toilets available in all parts of the home?



Are they equipped with handrails and other mobility aids?



Are you helped to the toilet when you need to go, if necessary?



When are incontinence pads and catheters used?



Do you have your own GP and access to other health services such as opticians and dentists?



Who decides when a check-up is needed?



How will the home let friends and family know if you are taken ill?



How many staff are employed per resident?



How are they trained?



Is there a manager on duty at all times?



What is the turnover of staff?









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Further information

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 2081