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Is there an age limit for Gifted Housing?

Usually donors are in their 70s and 80s, but we don't have a lower or upper age limit. We will consider each applicant's circumstances and carry out a financial feasibility assessment for every donation individually.

Will my home be suitable?

People who have joined the Gifted Housing Service live in all sorts of properties – large and small, rural and urban, flats and large houses.

We can sometimes accept leasehold sheltered flats (if the terms of the lease allow it), but we cannot accept park homes. Properties may be freehold or long leasehold.

Your home mustn’t have any significant charges against it, such as a mortgage or equity release scheme.

I’m very independent – will signing up mean someone telling me what to do to my home?

Not at all. We want you to feel independent, so our level of involvement varies from person to person.

The Care Co-ordinator is there to support you in a way you feel comfortable with. We don’t want to impose and we don’t take over – our aim is to work with you, not to take control.

Is it the same as Equity Release?

No. With equity release, you borrow a sum of money against the value of your home. When your home is sold, either when you die or move into permanent residential care, this money is repaid.

In contrast, the Gifted Housing service offers a supportive service for life. Donors don’t receive any money when they join the service, but you have a lot of your property costs covered for the rest of your lifetime, and you will receive help and support to live independently.

How will my donation to Age UK be used?

Any surplus left when a property is sold (over and above the costs of Age UK providing the Gifted Housing Service to you and/or the costs of new accommodation where we help you to move) is a charitable donation which goes towards Age UK’s charitable activities in the UK.

This currently includes things such as:

  • providing information and advice to over 4 million older people, their carers and advisers every year
  • helping older people claim benefits to which they are entitled. In recent years Age UK staff locally and nationally have helped people claim hundreds of millions of pounds
  • providing grants to local Age UKs to fund local services, winter warmth payments, clubs and activities for older people
  • campaigning to raise awareness of the situations faced by many older people and to keep ageing issues in the public eye and in parliament

How can I find out more?

Complete the enquiry form, or to talk to a member of the Gifted Housing team call 01225 447 800.

For more information: Call the Gifted Housing Service Team: 01225 447 800

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