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An older woman outside her park home

Age UK has been calling on the Government to roll out a specific energy efficiency scheme for people living in park homes.

Why park home residents need warm homes

Living in a park home – a static mobile home – is a popular lifestyle choice for many older people. Age UK estimates that there are over 100,000 older people living in park homes across England and Wales. Park homes have advantages for people in or approaching retirement, however they can be less energy efficient and more expensive to heat than other types of properties.

Many park home residents are on fixed incomes and their only hope of support with heating their home is accessing one of the Government’s energy efficiency schemes.

However, with the Green Deal now closed and ECO contributions from energy suppliers typically insufficient to cover the full cost of heating systems, there is very little support available to park home residents.

Campaign report

Don't leave park homes out in the cold (PDF 596 KB)

What we’re calling for

Age UK is calling on the Government to roll out an energy efficiency scheme specifically tailored to park homes residents, which would enable them to reduce their heating costs and keep warm and well in winter.

Successes so far

We achieved excellent public and political engagement with the campaign, particularly via our petition, which gained over 7,500 signatures, and MP visits to park home sites during Cold Homes Week.

To date, we have not yet achieved our main campaign aim. We have, however:

  • publicised the lack of support for park home residents in relation to access to energy efficiency schemes and brought a relatively niche issue to the attention of a wider audience
  • engaged with and gained support from a large proportion of older residents living in park homes, and crucially, a large number of site owners/managers
  • encouraged a large number of older residents living in cold park homes to agree to share their stories with us
  • engaged with a large number of MPs from the three main political parties with park home sites in their constituencies and gained their support
  • intitiated talks with external organisations about developing a park homes energy efficiency pilot scheme.

What next?

We are continuing to look for funding for a park homes energy efficiency pilot scheme and raising the issue of the lack of support for park homes at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Park Homes.

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Further information

For more information: Call Age UK on: 0800 169 8787

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