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Thinking about your options

Many of us find that as we get older we start to think more about where we live.

You might want to stay in your own home, but need it adapted so that it’s easier to get around. Or perhaps you want to maintain your independence but could do with some support to make life easier.

You may find you’re able to manage better if you downsize to a smaller property. This can release equity which can supplement your pension if you’re a homeowner, and reduce running costs, housework and maintenance.

Think about what you might need in the future, as well as what you want now. Talk through the possibilities with family or friends but remember that choosing where and how you live should be your decision; no one should try to persuade you to do something you’re not sure about.

If you decide to move, it will only be a success if your new home is right for you. Ask yourself these questions before making a decision:

  • Is there accommodation available within your budget?
  • Is there a post office, shop or bank nearby? Will you be able to keep up your hobbies and interests?
  • What is the public transport like?
  • Will your friends and family be able to visit easily?
  • Do you feel safe in the area?
  • Will your new home be suitable or easy to adapt if your needs change?
  • Is it easy to keep warm? See our free guide Save energy, pay less for information on heating your home and energy efficiency.

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