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Moving in with family

Moving in with family can seem like the ideal solution if you need support, want to spend more time with your grandchildren, or need to downsize.

In many cases, moving in with family works well, but it’s important to be realistic and make sure you all have the same expectations.

Practical considerations

If you need care, you must consider practical matters such as how much support you need, who will provide it, and whether adaptations need to be made to the house.

There will also be financial arrangements to consider, such as whether you will pay rent or contribute towards bills.

If you invest in your relatives’ property, this may have implications if you have to be means-tested for assistance with care-home fees in the future.

Contingency plans

Although they are your family and are likely to want the best for you, it’s important to protect yourself by getting independent legal advice.

It might seem awkward to discuss these things, but it’s better for you and your family to be clear from the outset about what would happen if the arrangement ends, for example, if you need to move into a care home, or if you’re living with a couple and they split up.

For more information, see the Elderly Accommodation Counsel website or read our free Housing options guide.

For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 2081

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